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Adamus in new campaign to support the Portuguese Red Cross

Posted by Adamus Gin on

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused countless inconveniences for families, hospitals and various institutions in different sectors of society. 

Therefore, Adamus decided to join LOBA, its e-commerce agency, in a campaign that will donate 10€ to the Portuguese Red Cross for each order on our online store.  In addition, during the entire solidarity campaign, which runs from April 8th to 30th, the shipping costs will be free.

Help us to help! Take advantage of our campaign to enjoy even more Adamus moments, while helping one of the noblest portuguese institutions, which has done so much in the fight against the spread of Covid-19.

This campaign is part of the Portuguese Red Cross movement #euajudoquemajuda (i help those who help), which is intended to finance the means necessary for the development of initiatives, projects and operations in the field of Health and Humanitarian Support in the framework of prevention and control of the COVID Pandemic.

Enjoy and Join this Cause!

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